About Me

crafty weirdo. dog lover. head in the clouds. amateur illustrator and artist or mostly cute things. (mega) amateur videographer and “filmmaker”.  geek. full time technician. part time perpetual student hoping to graduate maybe sometime this century with an interdisciplinary studies degree in the arts, archaeology, and maybe something else. I watch way too many cartoons, wear a lot of cardigans and I’m kind of like a 10 year old boy and an 80 year old woman trapped in the body of a 27 year old girl. If i could do anything in the world and things like talent, hard work, sacrifice and dedication didn’t matter, I would want to be a national geographic photographer. Or an award winning actress/comedian/writer/director. Lately i’ve been debating whether or not I should go back to school to study art and animation, but i’m afraid I’m too old to start over. maybe, maybe not?

I love people, most of the time. I love to laugh. I love to experiment in the kitchen and practice creative recipes, but I hate cooking when I HAVE to. I also paint, whenever I have the time, and practice photography, film and digital, whenever I can. my long-term goal is to one day build my own straw house in the woods and sing to the woodland critters, like snow white. my brain is always going about a 100 miles a minute, my interests are vast and varied, and If I could find a way to be in a million different places and times at once, I would do it.

I don’t believe it’s very difficult to be happy, and I’m always looking for ways to be a better person.

also, I am a mouse. squeak.

About whereismouse.com

i created this site so that I could have a place to compile all my random thoughts and chronicle my different projects and adventures.

i am clueless when it comes to blogging or design, but i love to teach myself new things.

many of the design elements on this site originate from the amazing puglypixel.com

some of my favorite fonts that i tend to use frequently on this site or in my videos are as follows:

Josefin Slab

Discipuli Britannica

Learning Curve Pro

i attempt to give proper credit for any graphics, projects, or media i have borrowed whenever necessary, but if I forgot to credit you by accident, just send me a friendly reminder :]


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