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Puppies Portraits

just a quick update to share some of my recent pet portraits that some friends have commissioned from me.

I am really enjoying doing these simple paintings of pups and i’m getting more comfortable with gouache. It’s tricky, but the more I learn the proper technique, the more I really enjoy using it.

cashmere toby&zekei’m also enjoying this almost child-like and soft illustration style i’ve been developing. I’m really thinking hard about attempting a children’s book (something thats always been in the back of my mind) but with so many other projects ahead of me, I may put it off a little longer. who knows?

I think that in the next month or so I may open up an etsy shop for commissions, I just haven’t figured out a price structure yet. It feels so strange and awkward to ask people for money for something I genuinely enjoy so much and i’m not comfortable yet putting a price tag on something that for me just feels like happy playtime. Hah, I guess its just a foreign concept to me to make money doing what makes me happy. Time to start adjusting my thinking?


Anyway! thats all for today. <3




long overdue

Well, I haven’t posted in an incredibly long time. I’ve had my reasons, I promise. This past summer was a whirlwind for me and with my 27th birthday arrived an explosive return of Saturn which has left me in a state of reflection and rebuilding since July. Unfortunately, this blog was very low on my list of priorities for the past few months, but never did I completely forget about it. Now, thankfully, ever since November i’ve finally started to find some clarity and balance. In the last few weeks I’ve rediscovered my passion for arts and crafts with a violent ferocity that cannot be held back. Now that i’ve had a few weeks of filling sketchbooks, making Christmas decorations, wood-burning everything wooden that I can get my hands on, editing 2 year old film projects, and some good old-fashioned painting, I’m finally yearning to get back to this blog.


So, for right now, I just wanted to say “hi” and “I’m still alive” and “I can’t wait to blog again” and I will leave you with a sample of my recent work. A few weeks ago, a friend and coworker of mine commissioned some art from me. She wanted something for her holiday cards that she would be delivering alongside all her beautiful, handmade knitted gifts. All she asked for was a little bear and a little fox, as “Bear” and “Fox” is what she affectionately calls her two little boys. Here is what I came up with for her.Β winter fox and bear


My sister helped me print these on some 4×6 card stock and we fell in love with the way they came out. I also got a lot of positive feedback from my friend, and others who saw the cards. With that in mind, my sister and I have projects and potential prints and stationary for sale coming up in the new year. I won’t give away too much, but i’m excited.

More projects, crafts, pictures and nonsense coming soon.


thanks for reading!





painting + an update on life

i find it incredibly difficult to focus on one thing at a time. I have about 30 things I want to be doing at any given time and i get so easily distracted that I can’t even finish one. The problem I guess is that I try to fit everything I’d to like to accomplish into my two days off, which is impossible. So, instead of getting much done I get frustrated, take a nap, and then complain about all the things I didn’t do until my next day off.

Well, today I painted. Nothing fancy. in fact, I just wanted to paint a large enough canvas to cover and hide the breaker panel in our kitchen. At first I didn’t care and thought i’d paint something incredibly unoriginal, like a bowl of fruit, but I’ve been on this layer cake kick for weeks now and have been frustrated that I can not bake a pretty ombre cake of my own due to a lack of cake pans, so i decided to paint my own instead.

its a bit cheesy, if you ask me, but i think thats what i was going for. Then again, i’m not really sure what I was going for. I’ve never really painted a cake before, and I still need to touch it up and fill in the banners, but for now it’s growing on me.

Once I finish that, my next project is going to be this amazing necklace I got the idea for months ago fromΒ Making it Lovely. Its actually been on my mind for a while now and when I was at the store last week looking for cake pans, I actually found these amazing beads on sale 50% off so I went ahead and bought them, figuring that eventually i’ll get around to making it. I didn’t originally intend to make the exact necklace shown in the tutorial, but I didn’t even realize when I bought the beads that they are almost the exact ones used. I don’t mind, the jade color is amazing and I almost bought a similar necklace at h&m recently, but i’d rather make my own.

So, with that thought I leave you all. I’m attending a birthday party tonight and have to go back to work tomorrow :( The next 2 weeks will be insane. Albert and I are heading to Boston near the end of the month, and I know we will have the most amazing time, but thinking about planning and getting everything in order is giving me a near panic attack.

Also, I’ve been eating a lot more garbage than usual this last week and i feel just AWFUL. So, in my attempt to get ready to enjoy my trip and feel better about myself I am beginning a semi super strict diet tomorrow and – if i can get around to it – I have some awesome recipes i’d love to share.

so, until next time, friends. Obi and Starbuck send their love too!

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Phoster fun and stuff

So, here I am, running on 5 hours of sleep, still haven’t taken the car in for service and avoiding laundry like the plague. But I promise, I’m still being productive.

Albert (the tall boy I cohabit ate with) and I are catching up on episodes of “Regular Show” and anxiously awaiting Apple’s media event which should be starting any minute now, praying that I may be able to update to iOS 5 before the day is done. We will be following the live streaming updates on Engadget, while, you know, doing chores… or something.

In the meantime, I will leave you with some silly images I crafted with Phoster, my new favorite time wasting app on the iPad (or other iOS devices.) I love apps that let me easily create graphics I could have almost as easily created in photoshop had I taken the time to sit down and try. No sarcasm- I’d rather tap away in a pretty interface any day than screwing around with graphics on my lil’ old white MacBook. ANYWAY. Check it out!

<3 mouse