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birthday dinner

So, my birthday came and went, and it was lovely! my parents came into town unexpectedly on Sunday, the day before my birthday. I was originally scheduled to work, but Albi covered my shift so that I could spend the day with them and my sister’s family. So charming! <3

we had a really nice time, completely laid-back and (for the most part) stress free. my sister, mother, niece, and I spent part of the day crafting (making cute decorations for dinner and learning about t-shirt yarn.) In the evening Albi and some more family joined us for some amazing salads, grilled chicken, and my mom’s amazing empanadas.

Oh, yeah, and my kick-ass homemade birthday cake.

My sister was (and always is) a great host. On Saturday I had actually spent my day off with her as well and I used her kitchen to bake my own crazy concoction of a birthday cake!

At one point we stepped out to shop for some supplies and got sidetracked at the craft store where we stumbled across some pretty wrapping paper and doilies in a similar color scheme to the cake I had dreamt up.

I fell in love with these 8-packs of colorful doilies, only about $1.50 each. We immediately began brainstorming possible crafts that would justify buying several packs of them.

Well, without a doubt, making garlands of paper doilies is the easiest, quickest, cheapest, cutest thing you can do with them (aside from using them as just… doilies.)

for ours, all it took was several feet of baker’s twine, an elmer’s glue stick, and alternating colored doilies folded in half and lightly glued onto the twine.


Dinner was awesome too. For starters there was caeser salad and a greek-style pasta salad (black olives, cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, artichoke hearts, green onion and italian dressing mixed up into a heaping bowl of fresh bowtie pasta. Incredible. (I have to admit right now: i have a problem when it comes to pasta salad. I can’t stop eating it. It could be the worst pasta salad in the world and I would still probably inhale an entire tub of it in one sitting.)


The rest of dinner equally as amazing: grilled chicken thigh skewers and a batch of my mom’s incredible empanadas. Then there was the cake! My cake started as an experiment, but I was more than happy with the result.

Now, I’m not a baker. I cannot emphasize too strongly how much of a baker I am not. I do love to try to bake, but my kitchen experiments usually end in tears. Thankfully though, this cake turned out pretty awesome. So awesome that I WILL Β have to eventually share the recipe with you. the best part was that it was an incredibly simple white cake and buttercream frosting recipe, but with a few twists like strawberry filling and coconut flakes sprinkled on top, suddenly it became wonderful. Along with the cake we served up some elderflower peach bellinis from one of my favorite of food plus wordsΒ recipes. These are one of my favorite cocktails in the world and I serve them every chance I get.

Β So, all in all, it was a great day and it was wonderful to get a break from work to spend with my family. Albi and I spent the following day (my actual birthday) at disney world! But I can tell you more about that in another post.

so long for now! <3