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out for a walk

So, i’m currently focusing on two things. Wait, no – thats a lie. I’m focusing on about a thousand things in life, but for the sake of this post, let’s pretend i’m only working on two: mastering the art of cinematography using my canon 60d and learning final cut X inside and out.

I’ve had my 60d for a while now, and only really started playing with it (video especially) a few months ago. Its a shame, really. I think I was just very intimidated by it when I first bought it. Photography is not new to me, but it’s been a few years since I’ve really practiced and this my first time Β ever using a grown-up digital SLR – I love my olympus pen, but it really feels more like a toy. Either way, I’m finally over my fears and trying to get comfortable with my canon friend.

I have two darling friends/coworkers who have each graciously agreed to let me film their weddings in a few months, and I’m really excited about getting some real world videography practice. In the meantime, I have to practice on less interesting subjects, like my dogs and my boyfriend. (now, i find them to be very interesting, but I don’t expect you to.)

here is my latest test video. I finally figured out how to use the manual settings for video on my camera (*embarrassed*) so when when Albert took Starbuck out for a walk a couple weeks ago I followed along with the camera. I got some neat shots, and tried throwing them together in final cut. Excuse the shakiness (little mouse hands, big camera), slow-motion that albert had me test out, and the weird exposure changes (derp.) I’m learning… slowly but surely.