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it’s after midnight but i’m still wide awake because I slept all afternoon because I was up until 5am last night having fun at my best friend’s going away party *sad face*.

today i spent the later part my evening folding laundry, reorganizing our office-ish room and cleaning up my hard drive. Guys, i have TONS of pictures and videos from the last few months (years actually, but i don’t want to think about it) that I have yet to even look at, edit, upload, or do anything with.

well. my office has just recently started to become a much more pleasant room to spend lots of time in, so hopefully that means i will be more prone to sitting at the desk and getting stuff like this sorted and uploaded. in the meantime, here are some animals from our last visit to miami, around mid-april/a month ago. as usual, i lugged my camera around with me everywhere and ended up with only maybe a handful of decent pictures. on easter sunday we visited the zoo (one of my favorite places in the world when i was growing up) and it was pretty much exactly as i remembered it: not the best zoo in the world, but definitely better than most. really the only thing wrong with it is how outdated some areas are. however, in the last few years they added a new amazon themed section and it is wonderful. Seriously. This is coming from someone who visits disney’s animal kingdom at least once a month, but I was seriously was blown away by this entire exhibit. Albi too, and he is critical of most things.

anyway. i quickly threw together a short video with the few clips I shot of my favorite animals at this zoo, the asian small-clawed otters. they are the cutest, especially at meal time. (is it just me or is this video slightly reminiscent of something you might see on an old-school episode of sesame street? woah. that would be an awesome job: filming those bits for sesame street. i’m going to go work on that plan and you can watch this and look at my pictures.)