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“cause i’ve never been a follower”

happy thursday, friends.

Yesterday Mates of States premiered the new video to the song “Unless I’m Led” off their 2011 album Mouintaintops. This makes my heart happy for 2 reasons:

1) I have loved mates of state for a very long time and I love this album, start to finish.

2) this video is one (very quirky) continuous shot. i love it.

i’m getting ready to film a few weddings for some friends in the next couple weeks. big girl stuff. my first time really shooting weddings with the intention of shooting weddings. I’m nervous, but I’ve been amassing a large pool of inspirational material for the last few months in preparation for this. I’ve watched a lot of wedding videos, a lot of very good ones, but I can tell you right now: that last thing I want to make is a traditional wedding video. all of my inspiration for my next two projects is coming from clever music videos like this one:

i know what you’re probably thinking:

i agree. then again, i’ll never know unless i try. we’ll see how it goes.

fashion my favorite things

just in time for spring to almost be over…

so, I started noticing a common theme among many of my pinterest boards lately: floral prints for days. my god, I love floral prints, and I think I always have, but i never realized the power of that love until now. maybe the patterns remind me of my crushed-velvety 90′s childhood, or maybe I lived a past life in victorian times. maybe it’s just my inner old lady.

either way, the recent surge in classic looking florals splattered all over clothes, shoes and even home decor makes my heart happy and I absolutely can not get enough. so, for lack of anything more interesting to blog about, here are a few of my personal favorite floral internet finds:

1) Romantic Getaway Duffel Bag by Anna Griffin (Shop Ruche)

2) Scent a Signal Wedge (Mod Cloth)

3) Annie Hall Skirt (Spotted Moth)

4) Insight New Romantics Jeans (PacSun)

5) Fresh Cut Blouse (Nasty Gal)