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Puppies Portraits

just a quick update to share some of my recent pet portraits that some friends have commissioned from me.

I am really enjoying doing these simple paintings of pups and i’m getting more comfortable with gouache. It’s tricky, but the more I learn the proper technique, the more I really enjoy using it.

cashmere toby&zekei’m also enjoying this almost child-like and soft illustration style i’ve been developing. I’m really thinking hard about attempting a children’s book (something thats always been in the back of my mind) but with so many other projects ahead of me, I may put it off a little longer. who knows?

I think that in the next month or so I may open up an etsy shop for commissions, I just haven’t figured out a price structure yet. It feels so strange and awkward to ask people for money for something I genuinely enjoy so much and i’m not comfortable yet putting a price tag on something that for me just feels like happy playtime. Hah, I guess its just a foreign concept to me to make money doing what makes me happy. Time to start adjusting my thinking?


Anyway! thats all for today. <3



my favorite things

it’s friday and i’ve got a case of the warm-and-fuzzies

Soooo, I was about to go do something productive… then youtube happened. I found a video that pretty much made my day- no, weekend- NO- life. It made my life complete:

a german shepherd snuggling with kittens.




i’ve actually witnessed german shepherd/kitty snuggling before, in real life, on Albi’s mom’s farm.

still, interspecies cuddling is not the kind of thing you can see just once and say “okay, that’s cool, but i think i’ve had enough of that for the rest of my life.” and if it is, you should check your pulse.  you are probably dead inside.