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iPhoneography: My Cinco De Mayo

Hi, friends!

I’m working on some exciting projects right now that I can’t wait to share with you, but while i’m finishing on those I just wanted to post a quick update about my weekend, because it was fun and I remembered to photograph most of it – on my iPhone.

I’d like to start by saying how ironic it is that as someone who is painfully addicted to mexican food and tequila, I had neither of the two on Cinco de Mayo. But let’s be serious – I don’t need a fake holiday to have an excuse to indulge in those things, and i’m sure I will end up making up for it sometime in the near future.

I did have a pretty busy and exciting day, nonetheless. From juicing for the whole family for breakfast, to tiny spanish sandwiches and sangria, to amazing antiquing, the dog park, and an evening of editing videos.


Time for a public service announcement: If you ever stumble upon a 100 montaditos and you love tiny, delicious, spanish sandwiches and cold, imported beer or sangria, please stop there. Albert won’t stop talking about it, and I can completely back his new obsession. They have about 100 sandwich combinations to choose from, so, unless you’re an incredibly decisive person, make your life easier and order a sampler, like we did.


After lunch we did some light thrifting. The picture above is from my favorite section of my favorite shop, Paris Market on the second floor of Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs. If you’re ever in the North central florida area, please stop by here as well. This the classiest, snazziest, kitschiest, antique/thrift type shop i’ve ever been in and all their different dealers sell incredible and unique items.



After antiquing for a while and being sad because I can’t buy all the things,  we stopped by Lowe’s to look at succulents and cacti for a few projects I have planned. Then we picked up our crazy dogs and headed to the park.



our dogs are almost too well behaved at the dog park. after playing for about 10 minutes, they come find us and then barely leave our side.


A shot from the tired drive home. a) i love how super washed out I look in the sunlight except for my glasses b) starbuck in the background with her tongue dangling out of her mouth. lol.


That about wraps up the most active part of the day. I did find some amazing treasures while gallivanting around town. The first is a new, blue yoga mat. Not the most exciting thing, but my dogs destroyed my old one by taking naps on it constantly, and this new one was only $10 at tj maxx. While we were there I also found an adorable little owl mug and these shiny, aqua  steve madden sandals that I just fell instantly in love with. The antique deer planter was the last magical find of the day, at Adjectives Market. It was half off. Its a deer. It is now mine. All is well.


Oh – and i can’t forget that we finished the day off at home with some video editing and my mom’s empanadas for dinner. if you didn’t know, my mom’s empanadas are the best- and now you know. thanks, mom!


out for a walk

So, i’m currently focusing on two things. Wait, no – thats a lie. I’m focusing on about a thousand things in life, but for the sake of this post, let’s pretend i’m only working on two: mastering the art of cinematography using my canon 60d and learning final cut X inside and out.

I’ve had my 60d for a while now, and only really started playing with it (video especially) a few months ago. Its a shame, really. I think I was just very intimidated by it when I first bought it. Photography is not new to me, but it’s been a few years since I’ve really practiced and this my first time  ever using a grown-up digital SLR – I love my olympus pen, but it really feels more like a toy. Either way, I’m finally over my fears and trying to get comfortable with my canon friend.

I have two darling friends/coworkers who have each graciously agreed to let me film their weddings in a few months, and I’m really excited about getting some real world videography practice. In the meantime, I have to practice on less interesting subjects, like my dogs and my boyfriend. (now, i find them to be very interesting, but I don’t expect you to.)

here is my latest test video. I finally figured out how to use the manual settings for video on my camera (*embarrassed*) so when when Albert took Starbuck out for a walk a couple weeks ago I followed along with the camera. I got some neat shots, and tried throwing them together in final cut. Excuse the shakiness (little mouse hands, big camera), slow-motion that albert had me test out, and the weird exposure changes (derp.) I’m learning… slowly but surely.


it’s after 4am.

My name is Gabbie.

It’s after 4 am.

I just remembered that I forgot to put the laundry into the drier. I also have to take my car in for an oil change before class tomorrow morning. The dogs are snoring. I’m in bed next to my boyfriend who has been tossing and turning in his sleep for the last 5 hours… and I’m trying to blog.

This is maybe the 4th or 7th time I’ve tried to do this. I don’t really know why I have such a hard time sticking with it. I think I usually get hung up on the fact that I hate the way this stupid thing looks and then I eventually give up all together.

Not this time!

I mean, I still hate to look at this thing, but I’m getting past it. I have a lot of things that I can’t wait to share with you all (assuming anyone ever ends up looking at this thing.)

Which reminds me- my grammar sucks, so please correct me as often as possible.

I hope you’re prepared to read a lot of crap about things like my dogs, hello kitty, time travel, the things I eat, or the random thoughts that cross my mind when i’m not busy drowning in a sea of schoolwork, dirty dishes, or excessive overtime at a job that I usually like but all too often makes me want to rip my eyeballs out with my own bare hands.

It will be fun. I promise!

But for now it’s sleepy time, and until we meet again I shall leave you with this silly photo of one of my dogs with scary laser eyes.

starbuck may or may not be a cyborg, or, should I say... "cylon"?

<3 mouse