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it’s friday and i’ve got a case of the warm-and-fuzzies

Soooo, I was about to go do something productive… then youtube happened. I found a video that pretty much made my day- no, weekend- NO- life. It made my life complete:

a german shepherd snuggling with kittens.




i’ve actually witnessed german shepherd/kitty snuggling before, in real life, on Albi’s mom’s farm.

still, interspecies cuddling is not the kind of thing you can see just once and say “okay, that’s cool, but i think i’ve had enough of that for the rest of my life.” and if it is, you should check your pulse.  you are probably dead inside.

film music

“cause i’ve never been a follower”

happy thursday, friends.

Yesterday Mates of States premiered the new video to the song “Unless I’m Led” off their 2011 album Mouintaintops. This makes my heart happy for 2 reasons:

1) I have loved mates of state for a very long time and I love this album, start to finish.

2) this video is one (very quirky) continuous shot. i love it.

i’m getting ready to film a few weddings for some friends in the next couple weeks. big girl stuff. my first time really shooting weddings with the intention of shooting weddings. I’m nervous, but I’ve been amassing a large pool of inspirational material for the last few months in preparation for this. I’ve watched a lot of wedding videos, a lot of very good ones, but I can tell you right now: that last thing I want to make is a traditional wedding video. all of my inspiration for my next two projects is coming from clever music videos like this one:

i know what you’re probably thinking:

i agree. then again, i’ll never know unless i try. we’ll see how it goes.